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As I sit down to pen the first blog for ibloom, a spectrum of thoughts flash in a matter of seconds… One image that stays with me though is that of a small child I saw a few days ago. I am reminded of how strange I feel when I see the alarmingly increasing number of small kids, mostly less than 10 years old, wearing spectacles! Strange because I often wonder what their perception of the world would be as they must have a bespectacled view. Does the world seem more fragile, distant, fragmented, unreal, magnified, coloured or does it appear the same as it appeared to me when I was their age. Do they see other people, the world, their immediate family etc the same way as I saw almost 30 years ago or is it any different now! Do they experience and understand the world as I experienced it or do they experience the world mostly through the 8-20 inches of the screens of their electronic devices! Do they learn survival tactics and socialising through fighting and playing with their siblings and friends while spending most of the time with the neighbours or does their socialising get limited to the chats available on their electronic screens! As child is supposed to be father of Man, a child’s perception should ideally be a mirror for the society and will build the foundation for societal structures of tomorrow. Electronic screens are becoming bare essentials and in the hierarchy of needs, I would not be surprised if in the urban India, they get added amongst need for food and shelter in the near future. A click of the mouse opens up a world of possibilities and takes us as far as the north pole in a matter of seconds, while on the other hand,it also has the power to detach us from our immediate family members while being present in the same room. I feel I have lost track of or fail to pin point upon a time that I can identify and most certainly say that this is when the generation become a generation of instant gratification or a generation that is spoilt for choices. Today, on one hand we have more than 100 varieties of pizzas to chose from and on the other, we need to constantly reinvent ourselves in order to survive as social support systems are diminishing. As we become more and more focused on instant gratification where people lose interest in a game as quickly as they want it, expecting patience in relationships is a bit much. Relationships are becoming increasingly fragile as expectations are growing and virtues such as patience and perseverance are rare to come across. Gadgets and fancy goodies have replaced board and outdoor games & random meetings with relatives, families are becoming fragmented due to breakdown of communication networks. Suddenly, everyone is busy. Everything ranging from clothes to luxury cars is available through easy EMIs but in the bargain, we are becoming addicted to the temptations and are willing to compromise on several quarters. People’s possessions and their social media updates have become the measure of their desirability quotient. As we become increasingly individualistic, the feeling of emptiness, loneliness and anxiety often are repressed as most people fear being judged and prefer a fake facade in order to survive. These anxieties, skewed views and virtual experiences detached relationships are slowly manifesting themselves in the form of rash behaviours, workplace conflicts, adaptability issues and lonely homes. Keeping in mind these issues, ibloom will reach out through this space with various topics periodically. As we embark upon our journey of transforming workforce, people and lives, we would communicate with you through various channels and hope to be successful in our mission.

Welcome Aboard!

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